• Basic Company Information

    Dear business partners, it is our great pleasure to inform you that the Data Outsourcing Center has become part of the company's largest provider of storage services for documentation Iron Mountain. For more information, open the link www.ironmountain.rs.

    Data Outsourcing Center Company LLC was established in 2009 with its headquarters located in Nova Pazova. Within its business scope activities in market of the Republic of Serbia, Data Outsourcing Center Company LLC has proved to be a socially responsible, professional and successful organization in the field of archive management with explicit quality service standards.

    Data Outsourcing Center Company's primary activity is archiving, storing and managing business documents as a well as offering a supportive archive management service according to the highest world and security standards. Progressive growth and development, cooperation with a large number of eminent users, high level of security and storage documents protection in its broadest sense signify key organizational features.

    The fact that the Company is located within a contemporary Industrial Zone in Nova Pazova and the fact that there is a good transport infrastructure and accessibility of the biggest cities of the Republic of Serbia greatly define extraordinary strategic position and as well as good connection to its users from wider areas of our country.

    Commitment, trust and security present key segments to a successful cooperation with our clients.

  • Human resources

    In a dynamic and working environment staff presents the main driving force at Data Outsourcing Center Company. The team is composed of individuals with different educational profiles, skills and knowledge and, at the same time, they are also given opportunity, through system of a good quality and continuous training, to educate and specialize themselves additionally. The key features of employees lie on the focus of users' needs and demands, as well as on professionalism, responsibility and devotion to team colleagues and organisation's interests.

    From the stand point of archive management demands and the one of Data Outsourcing Center Company service users, selection and employment require complicated and responsible procedure. Besides analysis of educational and skillful qualifications as well as personal qualities, the entire recruitment procedure also includes detailed check up of potential staff in a sense that individuals with criminal file or if presently being under any kind of police investigation are not able to complete selection and final employment process.

    Due to the special demands the one of service users' in a sense of business document secrecy protection, employees are obliged, during the process of recruitment, to personally sign Non-Disclosure Agreement, under criminal and material liability, and the same one does not have expiry date.

  • Infrastructure

    There is a contemporary business facility which is a private property of Data Outsourcing Center Company's founder and it is located in the center of organization. From the business activity stand point, the entire facility is adjusted to the business purposes and fulfills high quality building standards, that are based on legality, security and protection as they are the fundamental terms for a successful business in the archive management area.

    From the aspect of security and protection of the entire business facility as well as the one of storing documents that belong to service users, different systems and levels of protection have been implemented according to

    • IP video surveillance system
    • Anti-theft systems
    • G4S monitor
    • Security guard
    • Fire protection system
    • Flood protection system
    • Access control system
    • Temperature and air humidity monitor
    • Deration and disinfection?

    As additional reference to its business activities, Data Outsourcing Center Company owns developed IT network, as a significant support to a stable business environment as well as for setting high standards for a good quality services. The entire IT network is based on implementation and usage of world known and licensed hardware and software solutions that, in their broadest sense, fulfill demands of Company's business.

    Business needs and demands the one of service users that come from different business areas, present unique request for mobility and wide spectrum of Data Outsourcing Center Company staff activities that work on move. In that sense, Data Outsourcing Center Company owns delivery vehicles for take over, transport and delivery of business documents the one of service users and the same vehicles are equipped with GPS for active control and tracking.

  • Impressum
    Business name: Data Outsourcing Center Company LLC
    Headquarters: Industrijska zona bb, 22330 Nova Pazova
    Date of establishment: 2009
    Business activity: Archiving, storing and managing business documents
    Identification number: 20559004
    PIB: 106226001


Document archiving, as a primary Data Outsourcing Center Company activity, implies physical paper document storage according to the highest world and security standards. A specially designed service leads to significant operating costs optimization that of the service users and includes following activities:

  • Physical document archiving
    • Taking over and transporting business documents to archival storage
    • Entering documents into the system
    • Final specification production
    • Storing documents on archival shelves according to established location
    • Record keeping and monitoring storage documents via O'Neil Software
  • Digital Document Archiving
    • Massive document scan and conversion into digital file
    • Storing digital document formats into different media according to service user's request
  • DMS solution implementation
    • DMS solution implementation for the purpose of archiving, advanced and faster documents search, controlled document distribution, raising the level of document safety, more efficient business facility usage
  • Archival document creation
    • Arrangement of archival material
    • Production of Archival Book
    • Description, record and production of Category List of recorded material
    • Setting deadlines for saving business documents
    • Production of Business Document List for destruction
    • Production of  Office and Archive Operations Rule Book in accordance to present laws of the Republic of Serbia
  • Document destruction
    • Monitoring documents and informing on legal deadlines for destruction
    • Document destruction in accordance to internal and safety procedures along with official and recorded consent the one of a Historical archive in charge
  • Consultant services

    For any question about archive management (organization, record and classification, standardization, document destruction, adjustment to present legislation etc.) be free to contact us.

According to the needs and demands of service users with different profiles, business document archiving presents cost oriented service that many but also feasible benefits come from:

  • Business document safety and protection
  • Orderly, precise and efficient record keeping of business documents
  • Time saving system as one of the vital resources in contemporary business world
  • Cost optimization in respect of staff engagement, leasing/ constructing business facilities for archiving purposes and investments in security systems and software solutions
  • Legal business according to the established official regulations of the Republic of Serbia

In order to present key segments of the entire project of archiving, storing and managing business documents, as well as in the aim of taking into consideration Your business needs and demands from the archive management stand point, the specialized Data Outsourcing Center Company's team is at Your service.

Software support

Archival management's high level demands make reliable software solution implementation one of the most important conditions to successful business. Archiving, storing and managing business documents the one of service users present complex and responsible process that would, without proved and reliable software solution, be practically impossible.

In that sense, world recognized software solution has been implemented for the purposes of archival management, as a product of global leader - American Company O'Neil Software Ltd. As being a world leader for more than 30 years, operating in over 80 countries worldwide with 24/7 technical support, Company O'Neil Software Ltd. along with the same name software solution presents one of the key references of Data Outsourcing Center Company business.

Within archiving, storing and business document process, entrusted business documents of service users are orderly packed into specialized archival boxes of standardized dimensions, and are individually marked with unique barcodes. Based on given barcodes input and precise record of documents are done in a unique O'Neil data base, after which documents storing is done accordingly to given location within archival storage.

O'Neil Software gives possibility to record, supervise, track and search for business documents based on input details. According to produced Specifications or web access, authorized representatives the one of service users are able at any point of time to manage documents.



Within the scope of quality management and the process of raising the level and quality of business activities, Data Outsourcing Center Company has implemented two ISO/IEC standards:

  • Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008
  • Information Security Management System ISO/IEC 27001:2013

The key processes at Data Outsourcing Center Company are done according to adopted and implemented internal procedures as a main components of the entire documentation Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008 and Information Security Management System 27001:2013.

The respective procedures involve all employees' activities for the purpose of improving work efficiency, gaining expected results, security and protection as well as successful realization of clients' requests according to the defined deadlines.


Data Outsourcing Centre d.o.o.
Prva industrijska 11, 22330 Nova Pazova
Phone: 022/326-327